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Our approach is simple: the game is the best coach and the drill is the best assistant. We make soccer fun while maintaining high level of competition.


With our methodology, players have fun, while at the same time, they lay the groundwork for skills and tools that will stay with them for life.


The diversity PAC proactively creates builds important bridges for our community, and strengthens families and individuals.

Sertoma Park, 305 E 2320 N, Provo, UT 84604

PAC is for you

Our soccer program is great because it combines a love for the community with proven and effective coaching methods that prioritize both skill development and enjoyment for the kids. The right balance of intensity and fun allows for a positive and engaging learning experience for all participants

The Best Value for your Investment

Fees vary based on age group, division team plays on, and coaches experience. We have created more successful teams in less time than any other club in the state, and we've done this by also keeping our fees lower than most big clubs. Here is a range of how much would it cost for the whole year.

7-12 month program

  • from $765 – $1,382

7-12 month program

  • from $865 – $1,281

7-12 month program

  • $1,429 – $1,779

7-10 month program

  • $1,376 – $1,726

we are the good kind of different

Family & Hard work

We are family-oriented players. We emphasize hard work, resilience, and character to create a champion's mentality on and off the field. We encourage our players to understand why they train and play they way they do.

Community - Based

Our goal is to unite communities--people from all backgrounds, and we do this proactively not just from the mouth out. We encourage diversity in our program. We help build bridges so players can expand their connections to reach their academically and sports dreams.

Perseverance - SISU

Sisu is a term used in the ancient Nordic culture. Sisu means to be resilient, to have tenacity and determination. This is not a temporary state of mind, but a continuous lifestyle.


Soccer naturally involves failures. Failure is a needed step on the road of success. We provide feedback so players can predict and adapt to changing situations. This skill not only helps in sports performance, but in life.

Outcomes vs. Journey

It is impossible to control every outcome, but we can control how we see and experience the journey. The environment of PAC is one of discipline that creates healthy habits for life and forges character. The achievement is in the process, not just the final goal.

Multicultural Environment

We love our teams, players, and parents. We welcome every ethnicity from our community. That's what the beautiful game of soccer is all about.

Identity - Represent

We love the idea that clubs represent their communities. We are not a franchise club. We like to help our players come into their own while appreciating their cultural background and being grateful for the place they live in.

Board of Directors & Coaches

Our coaches and volunteers understand the philosophy behind PAC. We all work together to provide a solid organization that will serve players and families for many years to come.

Our sponsors

common goals

Our goal is to unite communities–people from all cultures and backgrounds. We believe diversity helps our players build bridges and expand their connections to reach academic and sports dreams.

"Our family really enjoys having our son trained by Ludwig. He is very experienced, and he transmits his knowledge and skills to the boys and the team. He teaches and implements very important personal qualities through soccer that will help them as athletes and in their personal growth."
"Ludwig holds the players accountable for both their soccer performance and their personal behavior on and off the field. One of the foundation principles of the team is humility. I have never heard him be demeaning to any player. He only instructs to help the players improve."

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